Menopause Nutrition 5-Day Challenge

🥵Hot flushes in meetings.

😩Losing your keys for the 20th time.

😵‍💫Walking around in a daze unable to focus.

🥺Crippling anxiety which makes it difficult to even get to work.

😣Belly fat that seems impossible to get rid of.

It’s hard to read that list of symptoms and see the menopause as a gift!

We live in a society where if we experience pain, we tend to treat it with drugs.  Whether that’s hormonal contraceptives, painkillers or HRT.

The problem with these drugs is they can cause us to become disconnected from our bodies.

We stop listening to what our body is telling us.

Your body is giving you all the clues you need to reduce your debilitating symptoms.

There’s a growing group of women who not only do not want to put unnecessary drugs into their bodies but who want to reconnect to their bodies and learn how to naturally manage their menopause symptoms. 

That’s what I help with 😃

The first step to this is taking control of what goes INTO your body.

Food has such a huge impact on your menopause symptoms and unfortunately ‘eating healthy’ rarely gives you the nutrients your body needs to thrive. 

So as your body is undergoing changes and it feels undernourished, this comes out in symptoms like hot flushes, brain fog and anxiety.

I want to take you on a 5-day journey to help you nourish your body with the right nutrients so your symptoms feel less all-consuming.

Amazingly, you can see huge improvements in your menopause symptoms with just a few simple tweaks.

Here’s what you’ll get out of the 5 days:

  • Learn the 5 core nutrients your body needs to thrive through menopause and how to get each from real food, no expensive supplements.
  • The 3 foods which cause symptom flare-ups that I recommend all my clients avoid.
  • A carefully curated 5-day meal plan with a shopping list to help you get organised.
  • 23 recipes so you can nourish your body with the right foods and reduce your symptoms, even if you’re too busy.

Sign up now for the 5-day menopause nutrition challenge and prepare to feel more energised, and clear-headed and get your metabolism fired up ready to burn excess menopause fat.

7 Modules


Welcome to the next round of The 5-day Menopause Challenge to Reduce Belly Fat, Bloat & Brain Fog starting Tuesday 20th May 2024

Day 1

Welcome to Day One and the first nutrient of the 5-Day Challenge.

Day 2

Welcome to Day Two and the second nutrient of the 5-Day Challenge.

Day 3

Welcome to Day Three and the third nutrient of the 5-Day Challenge.

Day 4

Welcome to Day Four and the fourth nutrient of the 5-Day Challenge.

Day 5

Welcome to Day Five and the final nutrient of the 5-Day Challenge.


That's a wrap!

If you are ready to take responsibility for your health and well-being but would like some support, here are three ways in which you can work with me, find out more inside the lesson.

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